Louez votre matériel en ligne !

Hike / Trek skiing

Often called ‘rando-skiing’, it is the most natural skiing activity ! Who needs chairlifts when you have specific equipment to climb easily and ski down? Along with these light skis equipped with 2-way bindings for the climb & descent, ‘seal skins’ or ‘knives’ under the skis can be used whenever needed.

Rando ski rental allows you to easily discover this wonderful activity, where you can evolve within a natural mountain terrain. We highly suggest that you recruit a professional mountain guide or competent mountaineers for such a trek.

Once you leave the trail markers, it is indispensible that you rent an Arva (an avalanche transceiver) which allows to both broadcast and receive radio signals. The technical characteristics of and Arva comply with international standards. The Arva alone is useless unless you have a shovel and an avalanche probe with you.

All this equipment is available for rental at Grillet Sports !



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