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Cross-Country-Skiing in Gresse en VercorsLooking for an authentic, back-to-nature, fun-filled experience?.....Dare to cross-country ski in Gresse en Vercors ! Cross-country ski rental allows you access to this amazing sport activity, in the heart of the natural landscape.

For all ages, ski rental also allows beginners and more advanced skiers to progress either by classic cross-country or skating techniques. On the groomed tracks in Gresse en Vercors you will be able to improve your technique in a secure environment. For rentals, we work exclusively with SALOMON our cross-country partner.

Skating or classical cross country style ? To each his own vibe !

If we follow the progress on the cross-country tracks, we can see 2 techniques: those who prefer maintaining the skis parallel in the tracks, which is the classic style and those that prefer sliding by the technique called “skating”. Classical skiing is equivalent to walking and is easiest to learn for beginners. The more outings you do, the more you progress.

Skating requires good balance and strength, especially for steep inclines ! Thrills and fun await you to try your personal speed !


New in 2014: circuits for electric bike

New in 2014: circuits for electric bike

Try the experiment of the electric bike on roads and paths of the Vercors Trièves ! Circuits marked out by discoveries, by meetings, for...