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Why is it important to maintain your skis ?

A beginning skier is able to learn more quickly and progress with well-tuned equipment. Well-tuned skis are not just for professional ski champions ! It is easier to ski on well-prepared skis, whereas neglected equipment is more difficult to ski on.

Skis take a real beating, so it is important to tune them regularly.

In the shop, we propose an overview of your skis’ condition and help you take the best care of your equipment.

Maintaining and waxing the ski surfaces 

It is essential to maintain a smooth, flat surface on the bottom of your skis at this determines your ‘slide & manoueverability’. Only machine-finishing allows for a homogeneous finish. Once the bottoms are scratched, we may opt for a partial or total re-finishing with a special machine in our workshop.

Professionally waxed skis enable you to ensure the initial glide-factor when you purchased them.

Sharpening your edges 

Maintaining and waxing the ski Gresse en VercorsSharpening your edges particularly allows you to dig in to the slope, maintain regular turns and ensure safety. Regular sharpening allows you to be more precise and the skis are thus more easily manageable. We either do this by hand or with a special machine in the ski shop.

Regular waxing 

Regular waxing is fundamental in order for the skis to glide. This also protects the bottoms and helps with aging. We recommend that you re-wax ever 2-3 outings.

There are many ways to wax your skis. The first requires experience, and is a traditional hot wax and is recommended yearly by our ski shop technicians. Between 2 hot-waxes, we offer various solutions to easily wax your skis at home to ensure a smooth glide.

Tips & Tricks

Transport your skis in a ski-case without leaving them in the case over prolonged periods, especially where the air is humid.
Dry your edges after each use as they are made of steel and may easily rust.
Store your skis in a dry place
While transporting your skis, ensure you use a strap to avoid rubbing

Regular ski maintenance is necessary, our technical team is available to advise you. Bring in your equipment for a check-up.


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