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Trivia Hike

An original idea to discover the fauna & flora in the heart of the mountains in Gresse en Vercors !

We have 3, free, permanent courses to follow during the summer months.

The routes are easy, fun for a group or as a family.

Come pick-up your free trivia-hike clues at the shop and follow at your leisure !

Course 1

Paper chase : with the clues, find the questions on the mountain route. Duration: approximately 1 ½ hours. An original way to share knowledge between generations or friends ! Answer-book is available at the shop upon your return. Every Friday, participate in a draw to win a gift from Grillet Sports.

Course 2

Quiz on the fauna in the surrounding mountains and orientation course.

Everyone will find their interests: orientation and finding beacons, animal knowledge and a riddle game. Duration : 2 ½ hours in the forest with the possibility to picnic in the Fayolles woods. Every Friday, participate in a draw to win a gift for course 2 from Grillet Sports.

Course 3

18 index cards of plants and flowers to discover in different areas : in the village, in the Centaurées, at the Dolomites, and in the ski area. Next, partake in a cross-word puzzle and if your answers are correct, we will give you the secret code for the treasure chest where you’ll find numerous gifts from all the local shops in Gresse en Vercors ! For everyone to participate in.

Course 4

Enter the legend of our mountains during your hiking (with GPS to rent).

An other way to discover the landscape, 5 hours for a great adventure with Merlin the Wizard !


Life in the mountains is good for us and we like to share our heritage, values and surroundings with you !

We are members of the professional guide network GTV (Grandes Traversées du Vercors).

The GTV is a prestigious hiking trek that takes place throughout 18 days or by stages over a few days. All along the itinerary, a network of professionals offer you their services (hosts, guides, sport shops, shuttles…..all for you to discover their love for the Vercors).

Different options for all, available at

To provide another perspective while hiking, leave with a professional guide who will share history, fauna and flora and show you the best routes !

Contact us or the ‘Bureau des Guides du Mont Aiguille’ directly.



New in 2014: circuits for electric bike

New in 2014: circuits for electric bike

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